Rice Recipes

for all tastes and seasons

Rice is the most cultivated and eaten food in the world. It is the staple diet in many countries around the world. In fact, half of our planet's population actually depend on rice for survival. Its importance as a nutritious meal is unsurpassed through human history and it can always be part of a healthy diet.

Happlily, rice does not have to always be eaten plain, although it can be very good this way as a side dish. There are numerous possibilities that can plunge our rice eating experience into a world of taste and flavors while being very healthy and nutritious. Rice can either be savored as a main dish, side dish or even desert.

Through ancient times and modern culinary experiences, many very creative ways of cooking rice evolved: plain, fried, pilaf, Chinese, Mexican, Spanish, risotto, Japanese, sushi style, pudding, Indian, Greek, paella, soup and more. Many of these recipes use different types of grains: long grain white rice, basmati, brown rice, wild rice, etc.

There are also many rice based diets for loosing weight. It is almost always portraited as a healthy dish in diet book and magazines like Weight Watchers'. Obviously however, rice dishes with vegetables and lean meat is preferable if someone is on a diet and wants to loose weight.

You can also watch our rice recipes cooking videos.

While rice is always simple to prepare, many types of small appliances like rice steamers can make cooking rice even faster and easier.